C4Q&A: 2

By Orta Therox, Sarah Weir, Roop, Alan Johnson, Chung-Yi Chi, Yuki Nishijima

C4Q is C4Q is a non-for-profit hacker school based in NYC. We’ve had members of the Artsy team help out by being TAs, running committees and steering the curriculum as Engineers in the industry for many years. In 2017, C4Q reached out to arrange a meetup between Artsy engineers and students who were learning Android and Web development. This year we ran a panel for the other half of the C4Q students who study iOS and Web.

We got an entirely new set of panelists to cover similar topics as last time - so if you’re wondering what it’s like in the industry, and what makes an Artsy engineer. The video is after the link.

Our twitter links in sitting order: @realmrblock, @sweir27, @yuki24, @cychi1210, @orta, @acjay1 let us know if you have any more questions.