By Orta Therox, Craig Spaeth, Kana Abe, Daniel Doubrovkine, Chrinstina Thompson

C4Q is is a non-for-profit hacker school based in NYC. We’ve had members of the Artsy team help out by being TAs, running committees and steering the curriculum as Engineers in the industry for many years. C4Q recently reached out to arrange a meetup between Artsy engineers and students who are learning Android and Web development.

We thought it would be cool to have a talk from dB, our CTO, on what Artsy is and to also host a Q&A panel with our engineers. For a lot of the students it was their first time meeting a team of engineers, so we anticipated a lot of question time.

In prepration for the event, I reached out to the internet for ideas on what sort of questions juniors would be interested in hearing about, and people said they were also interested in hearing what we ended up being asked, and what our answers were. This post has the youtube video of the opening talk, and our panel’s Q & A session.

It was really awesome to talk about how far we’ve grown as individuals, and what is important in our engineering lives.

Our twitter links: @orta, @craigspaeth, @kana_abe, @dblockdotorg, @Xtina_Starr let us know if you have any more questions.

If you want more, there’s also part 2 with different engineers.