Hello everyone! Orta here, over the summer I’ve started a series of interviews with the entire development team at Artsy. They’re all on different topics, notably around technical and cultural issues. I’ve recorded a few of them already, and will be sporadically releasing them. I’m still getting the hang of editing and recording side of this, so give me some slack.

Anyway, I’m pumped to introduce the first in the series - Craig Spaeth.

Craig has been at Artsy for 6 years, moving from the first on-site developer to Director of Web. Our interview covered how Artsy’s development team has adapted over time to the changing demands of a growing company. When he joined, Artsy was 6 people, we’re now at ~145 people, ~20 developers and 3 businesses.

Jump to YouTube for the video, or click more for a inline video.

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Part of a series: Dev Interviews