Artsy x React Native

A single day conference on React Native for iOS developers in July 2018

We starting with talks, had a long Q&A, then moved into pragmatic workshops

All focused on how you can make quality iOS apps

Who Orta Therox
Maxim Cramer
Eloy Durán
Christoph Nakazawa


Adding React Native to existing Apps

  1. Slides

    By Eloy Durán

    How and why we choose to integrate React Native into our native app

  2. Artsy Omakase


    By Orta Therox

    What is the Artsy JavaScript tech stack? How did choose and improve our dependencies

  3. Learning How to Learn


    By Maxim Cramer

    How to make you and your team resilient to changes in the technical landscape

  4. Artsy Q&A on React Native

    Chaired by Christoph Nakagawa

    With Eloy Durán, Maxim Cramer and Orta Therox

    An hour and a half of moderated, and audience questions. Click here to see the questions and timecodes.


  1. Building a Pod Components Library - video
  2. React Native Bread and Butter - video
  3. What happens with React Native init?
  4. Minimum Viable Tooling

Hot TipIn Safari, right click twice in a Youtube video to access a menu which lets you move the video out of the window using "Enter Picture in Picture".

Add.Other Resources


 React Native at Artsy

  1. React Native at Artsy
  2. Using VS Code for JavaScript
  3. On our implementation of React Native
  4. JavaScript Glossary for 2017
  5. Exploration: Front-end JavaScript at Artsy in 2017
  6. Retrospective: Swift at Artsy
  7. Intro to React Native for an iOS Developer
  8. React Native, 2 years later
  9. Making a React Native Components Pod