Artsy x React Native


A single day conference for iOS developers interested in React Native

Starting with talks, some Q &A, then moving into pragmatic workshops

With a focus on making quality apps

When9-5:30, July 9th 2018

WhereFacebook HQ London

HowTickets available here

Who Orta Therox
Maxim Cramer
Eloy Durán

Christoph Nakazawa


All schedule and docs for the conference are available at

We expect this to fill up very quickly. To make it fair, we are planning to open tickets at midday on June 13 and we require people to submit a link showing a repo with a React Native project on GitHub.

This allows everyone to start with the same tooling baseline, meaning that we won’t lose the first hour of workshops to getting set up. It could be just successfully running react-native init from the "Building Projects with Native Code" section of getting started guide. We won’t take the repo’s content/quality into account.

This event will be covered by the CocoaPods Events Code of Conduct.