Introducing Artsy Engineering Radio

By Steve Hicks, Jon Allured

Available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and coming soon elsewhere, is Artsy Engineering Radio!

Solving problems in the world of software engineering can mean a lot of different things, and this podcast will explore what that looks like at Artsy. If you’ve followed our blog, you can expect a podcast that sounds like it. There are a ton of amazing engineers here at Artsy and we’re excited for you to hear their voices and stories. Our hope is that this podcast will make it easy for more engineers at Artsy to contribute to the public persona of Artsy Engineering.

We’ll release new episodes every other week. Our target episode length is 30 minutes. Some episodes will be technical and others less so. Because we work in the open it’s easy for us to talk about our work in public.

This isn’t the first attempt at an Artsy engineering podcast! Our engineering team has attempted multiple times to start one. When Jon went to create new Slack and Notion hubs, he found that both already existed. The PR for the podcast RSS feed was opened in July, 2017!

We’re beating the fizzle this time, though. We’ve got momentum and enthusiasm on our side — several episodes are already published and we’ve got more lined up. Instead of tinkering with tooling we’re focusing on making episodes, even if they aren’t perfect. Like the software we build, the podcast will get better over time as we iterate.

What do we have so far? In episode 0, Jon, Matt, and Steve introduced the podcast and talked about what you can expect from future episodes. Episode 1 features a conversation with Ash about facilitating meaningful and inclusive team meetings, and how meetings are part of building teams, trust, and systems. Episode 2 is a conversation between Steve and Ash about how Artsy hires engineers.

Find the first few episodes right now in your podcast player. Watch for future episodes in your feed and we’ll announce them on Twitter when they’re released.