Announcing: Artsy x React Native

By Orta Therox, Maxim Cramer

React Native has a lot of buzz around it. It is some serious and cool tech, yet can feel like a big departure from your native iOS codebase. At Artsy, we like it. It has been the right choice for us. We’ve documented our journey and reasoning quite extensively, but naturally, developers around the world are still wondering whether the trade-offs make sense to their team, and their situation.

Enter Artsy x React-Native.

Who better to partner with than Facebook? We’re bringing a day full of hands-on informative insight and practical play. With the focus on what building world class applications with RN can be like.

We’ll demo, through talks and workshops, how to add React Native bit by bit to an existing codebase, set your tooling up for success, and create solid animations.

We want Artsy x React-Native to be about getting you up to speed with the framework, so you can make your own decisions going forward.